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No somos irrompibles.
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No se si esto se siente mas lindo o mas feo :(

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Me hiciste creer que me amabas, pero me demostraste que sólo era un juego.
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Looks like he found some amazing cereal

x’DDDD No puedo xDDDDD

Yo hice eso xD pero con papitas xDDDD nunca mas volví a ese supermercado 

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penguiemmings: I'm a feminist and I think that women and men should be equal, but is it considered non-feminist or something if I want to be a housewife? I like cooking and cleaning and I feel like I should be able to that without conforming to gender roles? idk of this makes sense?


Can a housewife be a feminist? Of course!

A feminist is someone who believes in gender equality— which is completely separate from their gender performance. There’s nothing wrong with conforming to traditionally feminine or traditionally masculine masculine… Or rejecting both.

An easy way to think about it is that you should stand up for other people’s gendered choices, even when you wouldn’t make the same ones. It’s about opening doors, not closing them.

Think of it this way:
What’s between your legs shouldn’t determine how you live your life.

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